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Hauck by Lola Paltinger

“For me, making children happy is one of the best things in life.” So it was only a question of time until the designer and mother, who lives in a blended family with three children, extended her creativity into the realm of children. In co-operation with Hauck, an enchanting collection of doll accessories – including pram, bags, high chair and changing unit – has now come into being. Centred around a delightful fawn motif are many lovingly created details that pick up on the unmistakeable style of Lola Paltinger.

However, it’s not only the eyes of the doll parents that are lit up by the collection: because part of the proceeds goes to kbo-Kinderzentrum (kbo Children’s Centre) in Munich, which Lola Paltinger has been accompanying and supporting for several years. kbo-Kinderzentrum is the oldest and largest centre for social paediatrics and development rehabilitation in Germany.

If you have any concerns or questions about our custom made models, please contact Lola Paltinger directly at: 

Tel.: +49 171 60 20 696

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